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Sanford Stadium two hours before kickoff

October 14, 2019

ATHENS, Ga. — The Hilinski family departed their hotel on Saturday for Sanford Stadium two hours before kickoff. They banked left on Broad Street, then hung a right into the perfectly manicured, sun-kissed, tree-lined campus at the University of Georgia. They strolled past ticket scalpers and barbecue pits and stands selling boiled peanuts and tents cooling kegs at 10 a.m. They shouted greetings to fellow South Carolina fans. They did everything they could to tamper their emotions, to not stress over the day, the game or the season. To not dwell on the son they lost and how he died.

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Tyler Hilinski’s family rebuilds their lives around youngest son’s football dreams

September 6, 2019
Hilinski’s Hope’ is with South Carolina’s freshman quarterback as Tyler Hilinski’s family continues to cope with his death, youngest son Ryan carries on his brother’s legacy as South Carolina’s backup quarterback. The water on the lake is smooth this afternoon, hardly a ripple, the calmest the couple can remember. They bought the red brick house that sits on a small peninsula with panoramic views six months ago, seeking a refuge that could provide them peace they no longer had within.