Thanksgiving Note from H3H

A Thanksgiving ritual our family enjoyed was holding hands around the dinner table with relatives and friends sharing what we were thankful for. We skipped it last year, we didn’t have Thanksgiving, nor Christmas, it was just too hard, a big piece of our life was missing.

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It will always be missing and we’ll always keep an empty seat at the table for Tyler. Although saying “Happy Thanksgiving” does get stuck in my throat I wanted to share with you, as we hold virtual hands, what I’m thankful for: The 21 years I was blessed to have Tyler in my life. My friends and family, especially Mark, Kelly and Ryan, they are my reason for waking up and greeting each day. The hope and love complete strangers have given me. Your compassion and kindness has helped me take steps I never thought possible. As you sit down this Thanksgiving with your loved ones please share with them 3 things you are thankful for and reach out to 3 people that aren’t there at the dinner table to let them know how much they mean to you.

With hope and love,