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Your donation in support of Hilinski’s Hope will allow us to fund programs that will help educate, advocate and destigmatize mental illness. Programs such as Step UP!, a comprehensive bystander intervention program created by the University of Arizona in partnership with the NCAA.Step Up. As well as Behind Happy Faces, the first of its kind in mental health curriculum. The program uses cutting edge educational videos and lesson plans to enhance the emotional development of young people.
Tyler was never diagnosed or treated for any disease but through his suicide we understand that he was suffering in silence. We will fund programs that provide assistance to many that are struggling, and promote educational awareness to the very real problem of young person(s) suicide and provide hope for those who need it most.

East Bay will process orders every two weeks. Should you have any questions about your order, please contact Sara Dolan at East Bay 800-841-5748 x5700. Or if it needs to be shorter just: Questions? Please call East Bay 800-841-5748 x5700  add_button=”1″ button_align=”left” el_class=”east-bay-team-promo” title=”Hilinski’s Hope Apparel” text=”Orders Processed Every 2 Weeks.” button_text=”SEE CLOTHING” button_url=”” bg_img=”7916″bg_color=”#8f2438″ color_opacity=”1