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Tyler Hilinski’s family rebuilds their lives around youngest son’s football dreams

September 6, 2019
Hilinski’s Hope’ is with South Carolina’s freshman quarterback as Tyler Hilinski’s family continues to cope with his death, youngest son Ryan carries on his brother’s legacy as South Carolina’s backup quarterback. The water on the lake is smooth this afternoon, hardly a ripple, the calmest the couple can remember. They bought the red brick house that sits on a small peninsula with panoramic views six months ago, seeking a refuge that could provide them peace they no longer had within.

From the Heart

July 24, 2019

Our Fight

Thank you for visiting H3H. It feels like it was yesterday that we had Tyler to talk to, to listen to and to hug and hold. It also feels like a 100 years ago…

Tyler’s life however short, was a miracle to us all.  He was kind, good and he truly cared about every person in his life.

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Hilinski’s carry hope, football to South Carolina

July 19, 2019
“We hear the term differently now, mentally strong and mentally tough. What does that really mean? You have to be sick to think that leaving by suicide is going to be better for anybody. There’s no other way to explain it,” Mark said. “At 21 years old, life is fixable, period. That choice shouldn’t be an option. And we want to make sure that if talking about it and telling Tyler’s story is impactful enough for you to share yours, or if you know somebody that’s going through that struggle, we want to give you the tools to get him or her out of it, and talk to a professional. The silence is what hurts the most.”

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