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Ryan Hilinski shares effort to help those in need

March 18, 2020

South Carolina QB Ryan Hilinski shares effort to help those in need during coronavirus outbreak

With spring football on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak, South Carolina QB Ryan Hilinski has shifted his focus to helping others affected by the situation.

On Sunday, Hilinski shared that he is making “food bags for anyone that needs any help during this time.” He tweeted a photo of spare food he had gathered and told his Twitter followers that they could reach out via direct message to join the effort:

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The Day The World Stopped

January 28, 2020

The Day The World Stopped
January 16th of any year now will be a confusing and sad day for us. While we don’t feel much different any other day this date is particularly hard for one reason. It may be someone’s birthday or wedding anniversary, a proposal date or even some marking of an important milestone. For us, it will always be the day the world stopped. Our beautiful, talented, always smiling son Tyler ended his life on January 16th, 2018 without telling us why. Without mentioning he was struggling or asking for help. He left us that day and a tidal wave of destruction followed in his wake. But, in the times since he passed, we found that he also left us with his love and beautiful memories. Tyler, his brothers, our students, student-athletes, you and so many others have given us hope and help us push forward with Hilinski’s Hope.

We spent the beginning of January on a get-away with Kelly and Ryan, catching our breath and needed time together, remembering Tyler and learning how to smile and laugh again.

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Working To Spread Awareness

December 23, 2019

As your holiday cards come to us we open each one and smile as we look at the beautiful faces and kind greetings within. Thank you for sending us your love and well wishes.

The photo at the top of this note was taken in our Aloha Santa shirts worn every Christmas by our family. We haven’t worn them since Tyler passed but we have taken many photos in our Hilinski’s Hope shirts as we’ve traveled the country working to spread awareness, education and hope to students and colleges.

Your support and commitment to helping us help others has sent us and our mental health professionals in 2019 to UCLA, Tulane, Stonybrook, the University of Texas, Montana State, Pacific Lutheran University, The University of South Carolina, Ole Miss, The University of Missouri, Texas A & M, the ACC, AEC, Big East Health and Wellness Conferences, along with presenting at the Men’s Lacrosse Coaches Conference and the Learfeld/IMG Sports Business Journal Intercollegiate Athletics Forum as well as so many others. We also partnered with Movember for an Awareness Campaign and Ryan threw out the first pitch at the Seattle Mariners Game in honor of Tyler and our beloved CougNation.

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Hilinski’s Hope: On Grief and a Family

December 19, 2019

Hilinski’s Hope: On Grief and a Family That Shows the Meaning of True Strength

Nearly two years after Tyler Hilinski’s suicide, his brother, South Carolina QB Ryan, and the rest of his family are having a deep impact as they attempt to rebuild their life.

Article Greg bishop
Photo David E. Klutho/Sports Illustrated

The darkness surrounding mental health issues must be addressed

November 27, 2019

We knew him as this bright light shining at our dinner table, on our family vacations and on the football field for the world to see. His smile shared beams of joy and illuminated the world around us, but we did not know that behind his sweet and happy face was a darkness taking hold of his soul.

Ultimately, depression/anxiety took hold, his brain betrayed him and Tyler died by suicide.

Senior Day at Washington State

November 26, 2019
Parents of late Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski on hand for Senior Day: ‘If they’re going to say Tyler’s name, I have to be there’
PULLMAN – Like many of the other decisions they’ve made since their son took his life 22 months ago, Mark and Kym Hilinski wrestled with this one.
Kym wrestled some, Mark even more.
A few weeks ago, Washington State Football Chief of Staff Dave Emerick reached out via text message, informing Mark and Kym that the team was planning to include Tyler Hilinski during its Senior Day celebrations, along with 13 other members of the Cougars’ senior class – many of whom the late quarterback came to Pullman with, and grew close to, before he committed suicide in an off-campus apartment in January 2018.