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Thanksgiving Note from H3H

November 26, 2019

A Thanksgiving ritual our family enjoyed was holding hands around the dinner table with relatives and friends sharing what we were thankful for. We skipped it last year, we didn’t have Thanksgiving, nor Christmas, it was just too hard, a big piece of our life was missing.

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Building A Foundation

October 8, 2019

Thank you for continuing to follow us on our journey as we try our best to do good in Tyler’s name. Fall is upon us and as we start to see the leaves change colors and the rain begins to fall we are reminded that nothing stays the same. While we will always have sadness in our hearts and lives as we miss Tyler so much, time does seem to change how we manage that sadness and loss.

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From the Heart

July 24, 2019

Our Fight

Thank you for visiting H3H. It feels like it was yesterday that we had Tyler to talk to, to listen to and to hug and hold. It also feels like a 100 years ago…

Tyler’s life however short, was a miracle to us all.  He was kind, good and he truly cared about every person in his life.

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